Chipping Campden Industrial Kitchen

Some kitchens are subtle and understated and some hit you with their personality, maybe it’s like owners and their dogs, but instead of looking like your kitchen your kitchen takes on your personality. The family that lived here must have been super fun and super stylish because this kitchen is so vibrant and full of character.

Located in the centre of one of the country’s most beautiful villages, this property required something different so our industrial finished cabinets were the perfect choice for a truly unique family room.

There’s an overwhelming array of kitchens available in the UK so for Unfitted to use the word ‘unique’ we do have to substantiate this claim. Having investigated dozens of our competitors, we haven’t been able to find any other company who offers anything approaching our industrial finish, so unlike other companies who use the word unabashed, we can proudly use the word unique because we simply are!

This kitchen was completed in two phases (beyond the oak beam was originally a utility room), so moving the freestanding furniture and adding the additional cabinets was a very simple move - something a lot of customers do when budgets are stretched. Rather than compromise on quality, they purchase their kitchen in phases as funds become available.

The clients gave us free-reign on the design of this kitchen because we’d previously supplied them a kitchen at a previous property that worked so beautifully in a barn conversion setting. The real challenge was the AGA, windows (in the wrong places), doors, openings and stairs. The client accepted we needed to insert two small windows either side of the AGA, add a couple of Velux rooflights and locate the stairs in the corner of the room. Uniquely (sorry to use the word again), we consider the layout and feel of the whole room (and not just the kitchen cabinets).

The finished kitchen is a remarkable combination of great taste and design perfection proving that you really can create something different – looking through a selection of kitchen specialist brochure, they all look the same. Our portfolio of kitchens shows a different story!

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