Planning the perfect room

If you’re starting with a blank canvas, we encourage you to take a while to consider how you see the finished room. Consider the most important focal points and views. How does natural light illuminate the room? Are there any dark alcoves or recesses that need careful attention to keep your spirits lifted. How is the storage space going to be utilized and what about all the modern appliances that need to be fitted in?

For sheer comfort and social appeal, we think that making room for a table or an island is essential. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem space to fit everything in, but with careful planning and design, you’d be amazed at our creativity. From our experience (we have four children who all love cooking), the ability to know exactly how every area is going to function and what’s going to be stored in every part of the room is so important in order to achieve a successful, social environment where you can’t wait to immerse yourself.

Start by creating a wish list. Download and print a copy of our ‘Customer Wish List.’ (please note you will have to register on the website to download this file.) It‘s fun to fill in and will help to tell us a lot about your aspirations and expectations. From this list we can then get to know you and your family, your likes and dislikes, how and what you enjoy cooking and what kind of ‘stuff’ you really, really have to have in your kitchen.

We’d be delighted to create you the perfect room that's as unique and as individual as you are. Call Mark on 01608 650065 and we'll arrange for one of our designers to visit you.