Wonderful Arts & Crafts Kitchen

We were delighted to be asked to supply another kitchen for this family in Liverpool. They had moved to a larger property and asked Unfitted to design and supply them a kitchen for their Arts & Crafts home. The end result is our idea of a perfect Unfitted kitchen though sometimes a newly transformed home and kitchen just works simply and easily, or at least it looks that way when you see it all finished.

I’m sure every building project is as stressful as the next when you are renovating your property, but sometimes it just looks as if it was plain sailing. It’s hard to get everything right on a big project because there’s so much to think about that can really effect the final look, but at the time you have to choose, you may not have seen, or realised, the importance of every little detail. This family have got it just right.

The extension on the back of this house was done beautifully and the design of the kitchen and choice of cupboards, colours and styling was just right. If you start with a good structure and add to this with good quality fittings, use good builders and, finally, choose good cupboards, then you can’t go far wrong.

This kitchen shows how uncomplicated and subtle our cupboards are. A tall cabinet combination with integrated larders, fridge, freezer and built in ovens keeps everything neat and tidy. A dresser, sink cabinet combination and substantial island for food preparation, cooking and relaxing at – our idea of perfection. 

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