Georgian Apartment in Edinburgh

We love visiting our clients in Scotland! It’s a great excuse to visit a stunningly beautiful part of the United Kingdom. This apartment was located in the older part of Edinburgh, less than 100 yards from another customer I visited on the same trip. 

Max’s brief was incredibly detailed – he’d obviously done his homework and knew exactly what he could comfortably fit into a reasonably compact room. The tall ceilings afforded extra high cabinets though we had to be careful that we could get them up the curved staircase. 

Max had wished to view one of our kitchens and meet an Unfitted customer before ordering. Unfitted contacted a number of previous customers in Edinburgh and he received invites from three of them. All were only too pleased to show off their stunning kitchens.

As a truly bespoke manufacturer, all of his requirements were met and the finished kitchen looks amazing. Unpolished Carrara marble, antique brass handles and matching boiling water and tap all help to create a room full of character.   

An amazingly spacious kitchen that works perfectly.

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